That said, your review is thought provoking and it sounds like the UCA may even hold up against these units. If you are considering this item, take it from me. I’d like to use the uca to drive the M-Audio speakers via a USB port, thus allowing me to keep the toslink cable connected to the DAC1, but allowing audio output to the AV 40s at the same time. I need something to hook my PC up to a tube amp which only take RCAs as an input, you think this will be a good solution to that? First off, thank you for the informative blog.

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If the Mac’s audio is working that means no audio uca202 being sent to the Uca202 In most ways, especially via the line outputs, the UCA performs respectably well.

Behringer U-CONTROL UCA USB-Audio Interface | Musician’s Friend

If you want a headphone amp, and happen to have uca202 80 uca202 ohm fairly efficient headphones, the UCA is also worth considering. How much the 50 ohms hurts you will uca202 down uca202 how much the impedance of uca202 your AKG headphones varies.

Anonymous March 5, at Is it lively enough for my purposes? I don’t think you’ll hear the USB noise in any obvious way. And the two channels often share IC chips to save more space and money.


Add to Wish Uca202. But it would be nice to know. NwAvGuy September 22, at I can’t speak for other iPod flavors. Generally errors of uca202 than 1 ufa202 are considered acceptable while higher errors are usually audible. Guitar Effects Buying Guide. Many archival uca202 sources are not digital, uca202 as cassette tape, reel-to-reel tape, LP, etc. I do hear “mouse scrolling” noise and other digitally uc202 noise from the phono outputs.

Just look at reviews of bright headphones. Very many thanks for uca202 review. The optical output only works from content played on your PC. NwAvGuy December 8, at Uca202 has many problems and results like yours are uca202 uncommon.

Uca202 June 22, at uca202 The U-CONTROL download area at Behringer’s website offers a huge software package for recording and editing making the interface a ucw202 audio solution, which provides a connection between the analog and digital domain. It’s so uca202, it’ll probably still work long uca2002 it outgrows its usefulness.

This has been discussed already, uca202 if you already have a UCA adding the E5 is a uca202 improvement. Am I right, or amy I missing something?

Very small and portable, and the UCA’s own headphone jack is a great bonus, sounding a lot better than the built-in one uca202 my laptop.


Thanks a lot for doing all the measurements and sharing your results. Uca202 is some evidence that phase shift and transient response correspond to changes in imaging. Uca202 think I will revert the regulators back to 9V ones.

Sean March 1, at 1: It might be uca202 than two 3D movie tickets, but is it really junk? The built in headphone monitoring is helpful uca202 well.

The Uca202 is also woefully short on output power for any planars I know of so they’re not even an option in this case. But what if you reference the phase uca202 of all of the frequencies to say, 1khz uuca202 of the input?

Thank you for the comment, vittau! uca202

This is an excellent product which I uca202 recomend to anyone wanting to transfer audio files to a computer.