My wife loved seeing me crush my drives she opted to send hers in without me knowing it, the next time we went out to play she burned me a few times from her tees and actually had me worried for a bit. They add even more distance and Steve said you could go up one shaving level if you only swing your shaved driver with these softer compression balls. I add some tape to the sole and noticed a huge improvement. Having struggled for years off the tee I have always been on the hunt for a driver I could feel confident with. When you see the drivers out there these days and they all hit about the same, you need to do something to take it a step further to keep your love for the game alive.

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Very excited to see our golf game grow as we grow older. Now, I hit the stock driver with my normal swing, where Taylormade r9 420cc always put it out taylormade r9 420cc. So after falling in love with my cc R9 setup, it was hard to lget older and lose distance as an avg golfer does. Description Additional Information Reviews Product Description Our Process Our Process involves machining the face of the driver or fairway wood to make the face thinner creating more trampoline effect and distance.

Embarrassing to say the least, which lead me back to WHD and have my other driver shaved as well.

I shaved no pun intended 5 strokes off my average score on this taylormade r9 420cc. I will keep your playing partners from being suspicious when you start hitting your drives longer. I am in shock this actually worked out, taylormade r9 420cc do these type of things work out as they should. John and Martha S — June 29, Randy — June 18, Two taylomade thumbs up.


The club face will then be polished to match its original finish. Had my Mp taken taylornade to. Definitely worth getting this done to other clubs and drivers. Having struggled for years off the tee I have always been on the hunt for a driver I could feel confident with.

There is a hill left side starts at and tops out atwith to carry it. Since grooves are only there for aesthetic reasons some players will opt to just leave the club groove less after shaving. My playing partners do not need to know whats going on with my swing to get this big jump in distance, but when they find out I am sure they will taylormade r9 420cc the same as I did, tons taylormade r9 420cc fun and big bombs coming.

Please send the package with a shipping company that provides a tracking number so you can see when it is delivered to us. Decided to clean up and saw it there doing nothing, then I was on YouTube later and saw a video ad for WHD and decided to send it in taylormade r9 420cc it was of no use to me. Highly recommend this company. Nathan Charles — January 29, Chuck P — October 15, 420cf Valdez — September tayllormade, Don Rycroft — July 29, Back when they launched the JetSpeed and had this taylormade r9 420cc show for it all I went gaga and bought the driver.

Might see if my hybrid can get shaved down? I did research, called around and decided to go with WHD and having them make this new driver unique! Whenever that happens soon after the shaving we will taylormade r9 420cc with you on getting another driver done at no cost.

I am getting the yards I was looking for. I know the price might seem a little high but think of the alternatives.

I have gone up 8mph so far and taylormade r9 420cc Pro says thats impossible.

Driver Shaving | World’s Hottest Drivers

Caleb Davidson — January 18, These are a low compression ball that will enhance taylormade r9 420cc and durability on shaved drivers. Hi Paul, So sorry to hear about your driver caving in. Jose Cruz — September 420cx, My driver was returned to me in a matter of days and not weeks.


So, basically they can only make their drivers so hot. I got to play two rounds before the courses closed and am having a tough time waiting til spring now.

Ken Algeer — June 7, Used my 4 wood when I wanted to see how low I can go as driver and still hit close to yards down the center. They should offer that taylormade r9 420cc next, but distance is everything they promised.

Driver Shaving

Taylormade r9 420cc Gerald — August 3, Would never go to any other stock driver. Fortunately Before I had my driver shaved I read alot of stuff on the golf forums about how this was cheating and you should just work on your swing instead of using an illegal club.

Robbie — February 11, Were a bunch of weekend warriors just out to have fun, taylormade r9 420cc boy does this make it more fun on the course. Had it shaved to. Gary Ferro — August 14, Happy Wife Happy Life…. Very happy with my results, and sent over a few buddies. Joe Coombs verified owner — September 4, Changed big time but well worth it.

At first I was hesitant on getting one done, spending so much on a driver but only to make it illegal and ruining the face. Went from carrying and stopping on taylormade r9 420cc dime, to now carrying and rolling out to