The Stealthplug does support 44k. Then I looked up the device manager and it told me that the stealthplug works fine. Switch to Threaded Mode. I don’t have the advert in front of me but I remember knowing the “limitations” before buying it. Good thing though, it comes with the full Tracktion 2 and a cut-down version of Amplitube 2, bot quite cool, so it’s not such a waste of money in the end. I fiddle around with settings in FL and when the audio settings are set for Stealthplug in I can’t find a way to set it for a different out like my primary sound driver , is there some workaround here?

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Than I plugged it out and in and everything worked! This plan covers your product for one, two, three or up to five years from your date of purchase, costs just pennies per day and gives you a complete “no-worry” solution stealthplug asio protecting your investment.

Reviews Reviews about IK products. Hope I can choose separate ins steealthplug outs some way. Folk Guitar Stealthplug asio Guides. Events All news regarding events. Accessories For Orchestral Strings. All other product names and images, trademarks and artists names are the property of their respective stealthplug asio, which are in no way atealthplug or affiliated with IK Multimedia.

Risky little stealthplug asio that. FL only shows as far as I can tell sending audio out to whatever is it’s in also.


Many wonders have been created on Tascam 4-tracks, ISA soundcards, old Akais and other stuff that stealthplug asio give people the hives today, but it wasn’t necessarily low budget at the time. Originally Posted by cricket Asio4All basically negates the need for an expensive external stealthplug asio stealtuplug.

Guitar/Bass USB Audio Interface Cable

Plus, the standalone version also offers the new SpeedTrainer, an integrated audio player with pitch and speed control for playing with or learning your favorite songs. Online Store Access the webstore. To help out others with a similar problem, stealthplug asio you post here what you did to fix it? Then I looked up the device manager and it told me that the stealthplug works fine. Stick it in, find it’s spot and leave it alone. Firewire is supposedly hot-swappable.

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For me it was no problem as I simply routed the output from the stealthplug there is a miniplug audio output back into an input on my laptop and I can monitor over the speakers if I want. For all interested in Stealth Plug, read all descriptions as close as you can and ask around what it can do before you buy it.

Artists All news regarding artists. I don’t want to change the cable to plug the audio out of the Stealthplug as that’s a pain stealthplug asio I don’t want to use headphones, stealthplug asio speakers I have are good and so if there’s some setting I’m overlooking or an easy workaround that anyone knows I’d stealthplug asio finding out what it is!


So if you’re like me and have a million songs stealthplug asio and recorded with samples from the internet, or sample disks that you have bought over the years stealthplug asio are all in the lower sampling rate 44hz forget that as well. It’s so easy to use that you will stealthplug asio able to plug it into your computer as you would plug into an amplifier.

IK Multimedia | StealthPlug

That leads me to another stealthplug asio. StealthPlug includes the new, easy-to-use, award-winning AmpliTube 2 Live standalone and plug-in for your favorite recording software. The time now is Casar you can only monitor your mix through the Stealthplug asio and play gtr with it at the same stealfhplug. Dyna-Mu Vari-mu Tube Compressor. I think you’re being overly harsh here.

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Bennet can you tell me where I can get the updates drivers? Ive had such great success with the little free thing, I just had to share a few words.

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