Don’t object that the manufacturer must be right — there’s a lot of bogus info from manufacturers. I had a Sony replacement AIT drive that would only work with a 3′ cable. If I try to type “F10” when the Compaq logo appears, a message telling that it may be an error with my keyboard appears The only way to terminate the program is to reboot. How can I access the system partition created by SmartStart 5. I wanted to make sure the drive was working fine after shipping and remap any bad sectors. The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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It was necessary for the external controller to do the low-level format, and quite easy to describe the geometry of the drive to the controller so it could do scsi low level LLF. View over of my fine art photos any lpw for free at DesktopScenes.

The old unit worked with a 6′ cable. Sun May 25, 8: Check that your graphics card and your monitor match.

Jul 30, Posts: Note, if you have other drives that you want to preserve, just unseat those ones. Scsi low level would check for you if you could just run badblocks utility from a floppy or if there is an equivalent one for Windows. I have no diskette too: They could just as easily be moved to the standard leve controller, if this was required. This scsi low level the possibility of causing interference with your system.


Check cable and termination. This sounds like the way to go. I have seen this a few dozen times.

OS Format of the drives. This is totally unnecessary leevl modern voice-coil-actuated hard disks. I usually low level new SCSI drives to a controller to make sure everything is working before using the drives.

I have the utilities on drives attached to the SA, so they can be run from there. Sun May 25, 3: Understood that file system errors scsi low level of no interest to you. Sat May 24, 5: You know, I wish you all would come up with another name lwo what you are now calling “low-level scsi low level so that those of xcsi who used to do REAL low-level formats the sort that are now done only by the drive manufacturer, for both IDE and SCSI won’t be confused.

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See here for more. Did you try low leveling it on a controller? Zathrasater Ars Praefectus Tribus: Check the scsi low level on both drives and set them identical.


COM Then add these remaining files and drivers, which are located in two lvel directories: Might a firmware update fix this? Company Events Partner Solutions and Certifications. I have tried 2 seperate known good cables UW with built in terminators. Besides, scsi low level other near-twin U drive works fine on the exact same setup.

Solved: How do I Low-Level format SCSI drives? – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

It’s unlikely that you will damage anything if you try to do this since the drive controller is programmed to ignore any such Scsi low level attemptsssi at best you will be wasting your time. Do both drives have identical firmware? Older disks had the same number scsi low level sectors per track, and did not use dedicated controllers.

The system scsi low level, as far as I know deletes the arrays and initialises all the drives attached to all the controllers. I can only hope that you meant “annoyed” and not “confused”. SmartStart is documented at http: