The Bad Due to the speaker, the YP-K5 is on the large and heavy side for a flash player; the touch controls take some getting used to and attract smudges; display could be bigger; expensive. The K5 is compatible with various jukeboxes and services, including Windows Media Player 10 which is one of the system requirements for the player , Rhapsody, and Napster. Memories of 25, Days – Photo Album. Black Friday UK September in particular seems to be the prime month for MP3 player announcements, with last year marking the debut of the Apple iPod Nano. Overall, the K5 proved to be a great little performer throughout testing.

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As you shuttle through the options, the dots morph into the next image. September yp-j5j particular seems to aamsung the prime month for MP3 player announcements, with last samsung yp-k5j marking the debut of the Apple iPod Nano.

Its main selections are represented by different images–headphones for Music, a wrench for Settings, and so on–which are made up of animated blue dots.

What’s even better is that the speakers actually sound OK–tinny and lacking in bass, but certainly passable, and better than any other built-ins we’ve heard. We’ve seen MP3 players with built-in speakers before, but none have yp-5kj this kind samsung yp-k5j ingenuity. Samsung yp-k5j with auxiliary features to enhance your music experience, this portable music device redefines how you listen to y-k5j music and so much more. In the closed position, the K5 isn’t that samsung yp-k5j looking–rather reminiscent of the Olympus M: While we got lots of ohhs and arhhs we also got a lot of whys when we showed the unit off to people we know.


Navigate through the menu options easily; music is conveniently catalogued in various folders, allowing samsung yp-k5j to quickly samsung yp-k5j your tune of choice amongst the volumes of albums stored internally.

Samsung YP-K5

A center circle select key is surrounded by four arrow indicators, while Back and Menu selectors sit samsung yp-k5j to one another on the outskirts. Another cool feature is that the interface automatically rotates when samsung yp-k5j speakers are pushed out. Black Friday UK Bass-enhanced Sound Earphones For times when you want to keep the music to yourself, use the samsung yp-k5j state-of-the-art earphones with two-part buds that offer a bass-enhanced sound experience.

The alarm automatically switches on to ring the alarm, even when your K5 is switched off, and a snooze option allows you to sleep in for just a little longer when you need to.

Description Reviews 1 Features Specification In the box. Samsung yp-k5j just a little visual effect, but it adds a certain flair to the K5 and makes it fun to use. The K5 allows you to personalize your alarm sound with your choice of music.

The Bad Due to the speaker, the YP-K5 is on the samsung yp-k5j and heavy side for a flash player; the touch controls take some getting used to samsug attract smudges; display could be bigger; expensive. And at night, a timer function and auto turn off function samsung yp-k5j you to groove yourself to sleep.

Dotted Saamsung UI The magnesium K5, available in cool black, has a smooth-as-glass glossy surface devoid of protruding buttons. Suggest a Product Have you seen samsung yp-k5j great product we should be stocking?


Samsung YP-K5 MP3 player

We delete comments that samsung yp-k5j our policywhich we encourage you samsung yp-k5j read. The Good The Samsung YP-K5 features a unique and stylish design with a built-in, slide-out speaker, and the interface is stunning; yp-k5n an FM radio and cool visual effects.

Sliding out the speaker from behind samsung yp-k5j allows it to sit comfortable on a desk or bedside table and the unit has been designed to position the speakers so they point at you maximising the sound in samsung yp-k5j general direction. Preset channels help you find the station you want easily.

Samsung YP-K5 | eBay

Instead, it features a luminous OLED touch screen and display. Engineered to produce a sound comparable to your home stereo system, this tiny device packs high samsung yp-k5j fidelity. Music to the Max. Future batteries, coming soon: And they aamsung quite loud.

Samsung’s latest MP3 Player holds a dark secret. Audeze Mobius 3D Cinematic Headphone. Recharging is fast and easy through an electric outlet samsung yp-k5j by connecting to the USB.

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