The Ribbon Compact Driver is one such innovation which places Stage Accompany sound in a league of its own. Even time misalignments, overly bright microphones or HF clipping become practical not annoying. My friend is always very keen how the human voice sounds from an enclosure. Increasing power in this area makes the “break-up” problem of a compression driver even worse remember, 16kHz. Direct Drive diaphragm One of the striking differences between Compact Drivers and compression drivers is the method by which the diaphragm is driven. Do you already have an account? Click here for details.

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Hi, Yes, even Prince did use Stage Accompany equipment. Neodymium Commpact high efficiency has been realized in the SA by using “Neodymium” magnet material. They hornload them for use in pro sound reinforcement equipment. Thus the “Volume Compressor” was described.

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Ribbon tweeters have traditionally been characterized as fragile, with low power handling, low efficiency and low impedance. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: As8535 low weight moving mass sa ribbon compact the rjbbon results in a transient response which delivers exceptional clarity, intelligibility and throw.

The result is even higher efficiency. All professional medium- and high-frequency loudspeakers sa853 since then are therefore designated by the general English expression “Compression Driver”.


Stage Accompany

Also while it runs high and clean it does it very reasonably, without unnecessary accents or enunciations. Increasing power in this area makes the “break-up” problem of a compression driver even worse remember, 16kHz.

Several years later, professional amplifiers and, the world’s first programmable parametric equalizer were added to the list of equipment manufactured ribbob Stage Accompany. Home About the author.


Some 1nformation, pictures and links about Stage Accompany, please ask if you want to know more. I just found out about these. Your email address will not be published. Your name or irbbon address: These horns are still used today. The SA is a patented ribbon type loudspeaker without the drawbacks of conventional compression drivers: Hi Frank, Your very welcome.

According to the website: The concept of “listening fatigue” no longer occurs with Compact Drivers! It is a tribute to human endurance that sa ribbon compact could sa ribbon compact in a room with the thing, let alon hone in cpmpact any value it might have had.

Share This Page Tweet. The SA Compact Driver operates without this compression space.

After all, the sound system had to be suitable for large groups of people and, for those days, high demands were also made on the high fidelity of sound. Most frequently asked question is “how durable is the diaphragm”?

So this output had to be converted to audible sound as efficiently as possible. Just became aware of this compat ribbon tweeter, looks like a clone of the RAAL, maybe with a cheaper transformer Now high “concert sound” power output has been combined with “studio sound” sound quality. The SA Compact Driver is the unrivalled winner in the field of clarity and dynamic reproduction and leaves the compression driver far behind in performance. This isn’t helped by Magnepan calling some of their speakers “Quasi Ribbon” while simultaneously making true ribbon tweeters.


I just don’t think that is enough information to know for sure what they are like inside. Break-up occurs when some parts of the diaphragm can no longer follow the forces applied to them. In addition to the clientele of which SA proudly boasts, a team of highly talented and dedicated employees can be found throughout SA’s “flat” organization.

According to Peavey, these speakers are able to produce 1, watts of efficient power while weighing a very lightweight 39 lbs per speaker. Sa88535 used to work in a place that Stage Accompany speakers installed.