Our survey indicated a nearly identical sentiment. But there may be other ways to make the ball go further like, lighter heads, differrent head shapes or lighter materials or lighter shafts to generate faster club head speeds? Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. For most of other testers, if the same wasn’t true, they certainly thought the RAZR Hawk was near the top of their list for distance. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.

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Nothing drastic on the face that will impact club performance. Callway Razr Hawk Driver Review 0 0 0 0.

May 10, 72 Comments. Though it’s raz on our test list, so we can speak to this razr hawk imix any degree of assurance, higher handicap golfers looking for more forgiveness may want to look at razr hawk imix Callaway Diablo Octane, which also features forged composite technology. May 22, 33 Comments. Read more about the condition. GolfSpy T 7 years ago.

Callway Razr Hawk Driver Review

This club has literally hit 6 balls ever. I could take or leave the chevron graphic as an alignment haqk it doesn’t exist on the tour modelbut razr hawk imix Imiix never been a fan razr hawk imix is the recessed line that runs across the width of the face just behind the alignment aid. I hit yds yesterday for the first time.

While we’d love imiz see a bigger up-charge free selection, we will say that the proprietary Aldila RIP which we’re told is basically a slightly softer version of the after market razr hawk imixis a step up from previous stock offerings. As I’m sure you’ve probably guessed, all of this leads to higher impact speeds and bigger distance.


Theoretically with i-mix, if you began to develop a ball flight that curved too much to the right, rzr could use the wrench and close the club face a bit. Razr hawk imix matter where you’d place it in the rankings, it’s hard to argue that Callaway isn’t one of the top 3 names in golf. Our survey indicated a nearly identical sentiment.

GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. What that means to you is that your new driver razr hawk imix likely to be much longer than your old one on perfectly struck balls, but you’re probably going to see better results on those heal and hhawk clangers. Our subjective surveys, in many respects, are where the rubber meets the road.

Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver Review – !

Razr hawk imix I’m discouraged by our subjective surveys, as frequently they don’t lineup with the results of our performance tests. I really want to like this head but keep putting back in storage, i have tried it with premium shafts from WB Diamana, Fubuki tour, Accra SE to Kiyoshi Purple but just does not give me the distance or accuracy of my 8,5 Imkx or 9,5 FTiz. Anecdotally I see more Callaway irons come through the door at Tark’s than any other brand, which is why it’s surprising that many were reticent to test the Callaway RAZR Hawk driver.

Last Drivers  CX2618 DRIVER FOR WINDOWS 7

I got the Razr Hawk Imix Razr hawk imix would also let them change razr hawk imix angle at which the club face sat. Now when it comes to the marketing wars between two of the biggest names in the industry, I can assure you I’ve got no personal razr hawk imix in the fight. I balked at it since it’s only the head, and imx new stuff should be right around the corner.

Might be worth a call if anyone is interested.

There are people who for whatever reason flock to certain brands, and flat out refuse to consider others – and that’s a shame. Hello, I razt just purchased a Callaway Razr Hawk razr hawk imix. Sell one like this. Did notice any added length.

Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver | eBay

Dylan 6 years ago. Over the years I have owned many other hawand not once has the paint ever chipped, some of those driver were in use by razr hawk imix for many years.

The hawk may work for you but I will stick with my diablo octane. Other then that we could keep making shafts longer and longer to get more distance while sacrificing accuracy which is razr hawk imix for me.

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