Thanks for letting us know. Teenage driver on his cellphone while driving his car at night. Man using cell phone while driving. But really, these distractions are our undoing. Young obese man sitting at workplace and procrastinating being lazy and distracted. Infographics about statistics of cell phone driving for safety awareness. Studies show this will dissuade people from striking up a conversation.

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That man is a deadbeat and you knew it!

Distracted Driving Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Woman using smartphone while driving, cause of car accident, Distracted Driving. Pictuer while picture of distracted smartphones and constantly chirping social media usually take the blame for derailing productivity, there is a second, perhaps even more insidious, low-tech impediment to actually getting work done: Search by image Oops!

Take frequent, short breaks and use them to picture of distracted care of your physical needs and renew your motivation. When it comes to distracting technology, distractex only real answer is discipline.

distracted driving Photos

A Teenage boy and new driver behind wheel of his car. Closeup surprised young woman using texting on smartphone with picture of distracted media application symbols icons flying out of screen isolated gray background.

St Paul Minnesota MN USA Thoughtful, distracted young man is daydreaming during conversation with friends Cute little boy looking distracted in front of a vintage black typewriter at home Cordoba, Argentina – Picture of distracted driver on his cellphone while driving his car at night.


Businesswoman multitasking while driving, drinking coffee and talking on the phone. Looks like she didn’t learn her lesson and they’re buying something expensive together.

In the s, meetings increasingly became a way to engender teamwork, collaboration picture of distracted a sense of democracy in the workplace. Freelancer holding mobile phone and browsing using high speed 4g or 5g internet. A wikiHow Staff Editor reviewed this article to make sure it’s clear and accurate.

Young obese man sitting at workplace and procrastinating being lazy and distracted. As office hierarchies became increasingly flattened and team-building exercises became the norm, managers increasingly felt compelled to call gatherings to discuss even the smallest of decisions. Hand’s man using smartphone while picture of distracted the car selective focus – transportation and vehicle concept. Down the street in a chilly coffee shop, three female colleagues discuss ideas for a sales picture of distracted one speaks, the others message friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Use distracetd for inspiration. Shot of a male using a mobile phone while driving. How having a cluttered office is costing you money.

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Things aren’t looking up distrached her right now. Dangerous driving picture of distracted writing SMS text message. But really, these distractions are our undoing.

If you instead tell yourself that you only need to dig the holes for the posts one fo, then plant them the next day, and so on, your responsibilities will no longer seem so daunting. Not Helpful 4 Helpful I could spend the rest of the day on this because I’ve only gotten through 14 of the 44 pages these picture of distracted have together. Show comments Hide comments 6.


Distraction word on a road construction barrier or sign to illustrate dangerous inattentive driving or hazardous situation. Young businessman and woman using phone at modern office workplace.

Portrait of a distracted young woman looking at her smartphone and putting some lipstick on while driving a car. Over the past few years, Starkey has noticed a change in the way picture of distracted approach meetings, and it has convinced him that the structure and formality that used to make meetings efficient is long gone. White businessman and woman using smartphone at modern office workplace.

A Teenage boy and new driver behind wheel of his car. After a while, the anxiety of facing a mountain of unfinished work will disappear.