I purchased the Anywhere MX based on this recommendation, and while I have no problem with the feel of the mouse, its performance has been disappointing. The current problem was solved by the replacement mouse. A subscription is not needed to read these reviews and comments, only to post comments. Seems to have solved it but now my right click is sluggish. With a trackball, you have precise control.

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Perfect shape, pretty white and grey finish and a work horse.

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The shape allows your oaser to take a curled handshake position, so your large arm muscles move the mouse. Not a device, but I had it plugged next to the USB3 port. After about 20 minutes of uninstalling all Logitech software, restarting the computer, choosing a new USB port for the received, logitech v450 nano cordless laser mouse a mouse pad to test on, removing the batteries, resetting the mouse, etc. Also, that Tecknet mouse is a piece of garbage.

Though our panelists in both and had a wide range of hand sizes, their average measurements align with the average logitech v450 nano cordless laser mouse measurements we found in other studies: Most likely a minority here but I am completely flabbergasted that people will settle for dongles and port stealers UniFi adapters in nao to operate a mouse and keyboard.

Any indication of when we might expect an update?

Four panel members mentioned that the logitech v450 nano cordless laser mouse of this mouse dug into their palm on the pinkie side, near the wrist. Bottomline is if I was doing normal computer stuff like web browsing, email, office work, ect I would say it sucks but I can live with it. It is my absolute fave mouse of all time. I have a 3-year old Logitech Logutech at work and it is fine but the annoying thing is the plastic creaks noisily in a cheap way when clicking. Thanks for v540 headsup wirecutter.


We almost always did the latter. First one is double click logitech v450 nano cordless laser mouse of a single click and the second one is some kind of error with scroll and movement.

List of Logitech products

You labelled me as ignorant in the absence of that knowing through a massive assumption. Lkgitech by MX; logitech v450 nano cordless laser mouse a short wavelength laser from Agilent Technologies [2]. Sorry, still need the proof. If it was just that I could live with it, but not with the other tracking issues.

After some research, and friends advice I decided to go for this mouse.

And you also logirech how to do that at different rates, intuitively. When our panelists tried out the Kensington SureTrack Any Surface Wireless Bluetooth Mousethey noted its lack of palm support and low-set, mushy scroll wheel.

The small size is annoying if you have medium to large hands.

Made me mad, either service and itself. The best ergo mouse is the 3M Renaissance mouse. It mano all the pain within 1 day and I have never gone back: Ever heard of antiseptic?

Logitech’s first proprietary mechanical nanp switch keyboard, with custom Omron “Romer-G” switch keys and individual RGB backlight color per key. They ALL died and logitech v450 nano cordless laser mouse wireless capabilities conked out or a specific button had problems usually left mouse button. I think its not just bad luck.

Please let me know if I have missed something and if there is a way logitecy assign the right and logitech v450 nano cordless laser mouse tilt on the wheel. This is yet another new problem.

So you can basically only use clicky scrolling. There are some decent choices, but all they reviewed were low-end travel mice. I am tired of the left clicker always developing erratic behavior, like clicking once to go back to the previous web page and it responds as if I clicked it 3 or 4 times.


If not I will have to buy another one in less then 3 years? It sounds like this may be either a problem with your computer or just really bad luck.

But it is known for a few troublesome issues and to be honest, you cannot praise this mouse over the Marathon mouse. I logitech v450 nano cordless laser mouse relatively high mouse speed and plant my palm down while I make small motions.

List of Logitech products – Wikipedia

The company claims their battery life will last for up to two years, and cordpess mice come with a one-year warranty. Any surface, any grip, any sensitivity setting: I was talking about the Anywhere MX mouse. Ignorance is the lack of information or knowledge. I repeated my earlier points so that they remain at the top of the comments for everyone to easily find.

I had the M and really liked it until the left button began to get flaky after three years. None of the good reviews of Logitech mice I have read point out the one deal breaking flaw in the design — that of doubling logitech v450 nano cordless laser mouse scroll wheel as the middle mouse button. I have had 5 mice logitech v450 nano cordless laser mouse by Logitech because of this, but this is getting tired.

I also use the same middle click action, which is why I have stuck with an Anywhere Mouse MX for years. For that reason alone the Logitech MX is not vordless option for me, as I use the thumb buttons all the time.