Or only a ? I figured some part of it out! Dale, My T42 refurbished by IMB had one pc memory card inside not the one easily accessible I decided to put the card into the easily accessible slot to see if the laptop runs better. You are very welcome. The bio is showing 2gb installed. I am not sure this hardware is on the list the computer has for me to select.

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Hi, Thanks for the tutorial it really helps a lot. Part 2 of comment: I have two 1gb ram and it works fine when used single. I tried to upgrade the back cover RAM, but the card I ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373 is a tiny bit too big. This is a very good tutorial. Hi, I had the same problem and found a solution. Thanks for great site. All you need to ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373 is the memory size and type.

ThinkVantage Client Security Solution 8. It will disrupt some of the flow and will make it hard to read: 3273 new memory module should be detected and configured automatically.

Right now, I’m trying to disable the cd-rom and leave it in. Insert a small flathead screwdriver between the keyboard and palm rest and carefully lift up the keyboard. First of all, I would suspect the laptop memory. It had 2X MB memory thinkpadd when I got it.


Thanks to your instructions, it took me all of 10 minutes to successfully install the new memory. To answer the question above, I would contact your closest dealer to see if your computer will accpet new DDR memory or refer to your user manual to see what the specifications areor the lenovo website. Ib, doing all of this I had the gentleman who set the ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373 up take all of the big RAM using graphics out that were ghinkpad down my run time but the computer is still slow.

RAM & SSD Upgrades | IBM ThinkPad T41 Series (Type ) |

Hope you stay in school and study hard. I cannot recommend any particular brand. Scroll Lock indicator utility for Windows – ThinkPad Only the last few ltetters are ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373 Can somebody advice whether i can put the toshiba ram in the compaq.

Then it causes the screen to keep going blank.

I believe you can safely upgrade to a GB hard drive and maybe even GB drive. If you have two memory modules installed, try removing them one at a time. Using 2 Identical Ram modules will allow it to work in Dual Channel, currently you are in single channel mode and the issue you are having maybe because part of what your system is trying to ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373 from Ram might be split between the 2 rams, and locks up trying to access large data.

IBM ThinkPad T41 2373

A one long two short beep code sounded so i looked it up and it said that it Indicates a video error has occurred and the BIOS cannot initialize the video screen to display any additional information.


I need somebody to help me to teach me how to remove the motherboard with another oneā€¦. There is ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373 chance that this is some kind of compatibility issue between laptop motherboard and memory brand you are trying to use.

I just replace memory ram 1gb in the bottom only.

This is ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373 helpful!!! Now i would like to know if i upgrade the ram to 1 or 2 GB would i be able to run smoothly windows 7 or vista, and is there any way i could also change my hard drive.

How to upgrade memory in IBM ThinkPad T40 T41 T42

Why ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373 it run? Roger, I installed 1 gb in ibj bottom slot making a total of 1. If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, please support this site. The laptop works no problem if placed on a flat non-moving surface using the touchpad but it will lock up if the trackpoint mouse is used.