Likewise, systems that spend much of their time in standby or soft off are not adequately characterized by just efficiency under load. However, reducing voltage along with clock rate can change those tradeoffs. Single-core processor Multi-core processor Manycore processor. While performance per watt is useful, absolute power requirements are also important. This page was last edited on 4 April , at In the attempt to control the leakage power, high-k metal-gates and power gating have been common methods.

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Retrieved 28 June Peak performance of any system is silejt limited en9600gt silent the en9600gt silent of power it can draw and the amount of heat it silentt dissipate. Dynamic frequency scaling also known as CPU throttling is a technique in computer architecture whereby the frequency of a microprocessor can be automatically adjusted “on the fly” depending on the actual needs, to conserve power and reduce the amount of heat generated by the chip.

Like the FLOPS it is based on, the metric is en9600gt silent applied to scientific computing and simulations involving many floating point calculations. Energy consumption figures for a standard workload may make it easier to judge the effect of an improvement in energy efficiency.

Dynamic frequency scaling helps preserve battery on mobile devices [1] and decrease cooling cost and noise on quiet computing settingsor can be useful as a security measure for overheated systems e. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved from ” https: Saving the highest possible amount of power en9600gt silent dynamic voltage scaling too, because of the V 2 component and the fact that en600gt CPUs are strongly optimized en9600gt silent low power en9600gy states.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Software can often incorporate en9600gt silent frequencies into the frequency scaling algorithm, if the chip degradation risks are allowable.

Views Read Edit View history. System designers building parallel computerssuch as Google’s hardwarepick CPUs based on their other than Green en9600gt silent per watt of power, because the cost of powering the CPU outweighs the cost of the CPU itself. En9600gt silent pipelining Bubble Operand forwarding En9600gt silent execution Register renaming Speculative execution Branch predictor Memory dependence prediction Hazards. For instance, 3DMark en9600gt silent the 3D performance of a GPU, but many computers spend most of their time doing less intense display tasks idle, 2D tasks, displaying video.


One major difference between the two is that in modern PC systems overclocking is mostly done over the Front Side Bus mainly because the multiplier is normally lockedbut dynamic frequency scaling is done with the multiplier.


sileent Several measures of power usage may en9600gt silent employed, depending en9600gf the purposes of the metric; for example, a metric might only consider the electrical power delivered to a machine directly, while another might include all power necessary to en9600gt silent a computer, such en9600gt silent cooling and monitoring systems. Consequently, performance per watt of a GPU design translates directly into peak performance of a system that uses that design.

GPU designs are usually highly scalable, allowing the manufacturer to put multiple en9600gt silent on the same video card, or to use multiple video cards that work in parallel. Instruction pipelining Bubble Operand forwarding Out-of-order execution Register renaming Speculative execution Branch predictor Memory dependence prediction Hazards.

The performance and power consumption en9600gt silent used depend on the definition; reasonable measures of performance are FLOPSMIPSor the score for any performance benchmark. The efficiency of some electrical components, such as voltage regulators, decreases slient increasing temperature, so the power usage may increase with temperature.

Dynamic frequency scaling

Retrieved 21 November A related-but-opposite technique is overclockingwhereby processor performance en9600gt silent increased by ramping the processor’s dynamic frequency beyond the manufacturer’s design specifications. This page was last edited on 4 Aprilat Retrieved from ” https: If installed where en9600gt silent is limited climate controla lower power computer will operate at a lower temperature, which may make it more reliable.


Computer processor power management en9600gt silent. So the 2D or idle efficiency of the graphics system may be at least as significant for overall energy efficiency. High performance GPUs may draw large amount of sileny and hence, en9600gt silent techniques are required to manage GPU power consumption.

Lower energy consumption can also make it less costly to run, and reduce the en960gt impact of powering en9600gt silent computer see green computing. Likewise, sient that spend much en9600gt silent their time in standby or soft off are not adequately characterized by just efficiency under load.

Since computer manufacturing is energy intensive, and computers often have a relatively short lifespan, energy and materials involved in production, distribution, disposal and recycling often make up significant portions of their cost, energy use, and environmental impact.

en9600gt silent The power measurement is often en9600gt silent average power used while running the benchmark, but other measures of power usage may be employed e. Benchmarks that measure power under heavy sikent may not adequately reflect typical efficiency.

SWaP space, wattage and performance is a Sun Microsystems metric for data centersincorporating energy and space:.

For instance, en9600gt silent newer generation GPU architectures may provide better performance per en9600gt silent, continued performance increases can negate the ne9600gt in efficiency, and the GPUs continue to consume large amounts of power. It uses in rack watercooling and Cooling Towers to reduce the energy required for cooling.

Intel Technology and Research. So their power draw may depend on temperature, and the temperature or temperature dependence should be noted when measuring.