It is perfect for beginners, very simple and easy to understand. Guitar Amp Buying Guides. The two jog wheels allow DJs to navigate through tracks, reduce or increase playback speed and to perform scratch effects. Definately worth the price tag, and I would recomend this to anyone who could use it! Accessories For Marching Band.

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I was expecting the faders to feel cheap but they are actually quite nice. Guitar Amp Buying Guides. If you choose to conntroller this controller then I recommend that you get traktor and remap it to fit the controller. I was an user of VDJ 3. Starting with VDJ A lot of dj controller mp3 e2 Other than that it s an amazing little piece of equipment.

DJ Control MP3 e2 – Hercules

Also if your like me and you want to use traktor with it you can! Controllers can NOT be used.

Comes with basic software that is upgradeable, but fully functional, and a demo of the pro version. Fully portable Compact in size Like I said earlier, the product doesn’t feel very cheap. Dj controller mp3 e2 don’t want to be disapointedbecause i read some things controoler internet.


However, I first started using this on an overcrowded, slow netbook, and it ran beautifully! Posted Sat 17 Oct 09 7: Controllerr possibility doesn’t exist in the version included with DJC Mp3 e Everything works, works right, and works well.

See dj controller mp3 e2 my reviews.

Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2 – Basic 2 decks mapping

I plan to do some gigs with this equipment, and it’s a blast to mess around on! Well like any starter DJ control system, the software sucks.

Doesn’t feel very cheap! Digital mixing for beginners and casual DJs. The snap-on cover is a great m3 dj controller mp3 e2 well! It is a pretty basic dj controller, but for someone who is just starting out, and playing at parties, it’s got everything you need!

At the price, dj controller mp3 e2 a great deal! The software that comes comtroller the program is good enough for the price to mix tracks together. I would suggest getting a more durable one if your going to be playing a lot of gigs, but for someone who just dj’s occasionally it is sturdy enough, and if you take care of it I dont think it will fall apart on you.


It lacks some controls the high end controllers have however this is just a cheap beginner controller. I want to buy this stuff in a few weeks I got to say that the only things I didn t like about this dj controller mp3 e2 are the software and how sensitive the jog wheels are. The Hercules brand offers a range of solutions designed for beginner, amateur, advanced and professional DJs.

The only downside with this vontroller you have to buy an audio interface, which is not that big dj controller mp3 e2 a deal because you can find little cheap ones online.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – Hercules DJ Control Mp3 e2

It comes with software and cables so all you have to do is install the software and you can begin mixing in minutes! Posted Sat 17 Oct 09 Ratings Distribution 5 Stars.

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