Remove two screws securing the LCD panel to the display hinges. In the following guide I will explain how to replace broken display hinges on Dell Latitude C and Latitude C series laptops. After that run the drivers CD and install all missing drivers. Thx again, regards M. The hinge can be replaced by only removing LCD bezel and the keyboard bezil.

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Once you have done this, you can supply the model number for your LCD screen using the easy and fast contact form below, and we will send you a quotation for the correct replacement. However, I do not believe I have a broken hinge s but rather a loose one s for my The only difference is that the keyboard bezel looks a little different.

Dell Latitude C640 Parts

Awesome, thanks for the help. I tried to fix that problem but I could not find and screws to tighten the hinges. Are these able to be repaired? Thanks for any help, I am due to take laitude 4 month trip around south America and this could not have happened at a worst time! Do you have a repair article for this machine?

Where would you suggest the least expensive site to get new ones? I am stuck at the thermal cooling assembly!


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Thanks dear, The information was really very helpful, infact i was having problem with hinges the have got loose but not broken any way, I accessed the Lcd and disassemble the hinges, and make them thight again by a special research on the topic, lol.

Remove five screws securing the display hinges. I can however use it with external monitor. Remove the LCD from the display cover.

Replacing broken hinges on Dell Latitude C640 C540

I just disassembled my broken D and could see that the screws to fix the hinges in the case are in different positions. My hinges are obviously broken since my laptop cover can not stay open.

Will this tutorial work for a Dell Inspiron E? Find dispkay replacement hinges.

But i did notice that the screens backlight was on. Actually it is probably not turned off but extremely dim, and I could see barely shadows of windows and moving cursors on it.

Find out if the distortion appears on the external monitor or not. There is now more tension on the hinge. It has these following specs Dell Latitude C Looks like the problem is fixed. I put a screwdriver blade in the slot, wedged it open and put it back together. I just thought del problems were related because the LCD problem started to happen a couple of days after the hinge was broken.


The manual has instructions for removing and taking apart the display panel. The service manual explains how to remove the display cover. Once off, there is a pin on the long bit that ltaitude a slot in it.

It sounds like a LCD horizontal clock sync defect which would indicate a defective video adapter. Unplug the video cable from disply Green Arrow.

Thanks for the detailed directions and great pictures. Here is the service manual for Dell Inspiron E or M laptops. I want to repair it, but therefore I need the lqtitude to be less tight.

Remove five screws securing the keyboard. Plz help regarding this problem.