Setting up database connections On MacOS and Linux, there are two separate text files that need to be edited. Select Tables as the Filter condition. This involves the following steps:. Remember where you save the file so you can find it and open it in a subsequent step. To import metadata into the ODBC module: Check the name, then go back to the wizard and enter it in the Dsn field on the Choose a Data Source or Choose a Destination page.

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Connecting to Microsoft Data Sources Through ODBC Connection

Because you are not connecting to an Oracle database, you xreating provide creating odbc values for user name and password. Continue to the next step of the wizard.

If you provide a connection string, the Choose a Data Source or Choose a Destination page displays all the connection info that the wizard is going to use to connect to your creating odbc source, such as server and database name craeting authentication method. Delimit the Data in the Excel File Optional If you want to delimit the data to be imported from the Excel file, then define a name for the range of data being sourced: The wizard displays all the worksheets in the source Excel file under the Tables node in the list of available objects.

Ensure that creating odbc name of the initSID. Creating odbc agent has its creating odbc heterogeneous services initialization file. Select the database file and click Next. In the Edit Location pdbc box, ensure that you enter user name and password within double quotation marks odbcc.

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Creating ODBC Connections in Microsoft Windows

Here’s an example of the list of installed bit drivers. For example, if the user name is mattthen enter “matt”. Creating odbc you assemble the creating odbc values from the sample creating odbc DSN, you have the following connection string. In crewting Create a Creatong Data Source dialog box, select the driver for your data source, then click Finish. You may also have to look up the required connection info that you have to provide.

To verify the connection using the parameters you have entered, click the Test button. In the Password field, enter the creating odbc password for this connection.

Setting up ODBC Drivers

Action Ensure that the name of the initSID. There are two different files used to set up the DSN information: The file location depends on what option was used when compiling unixODBC; odbcinst -j can be used to find the exact location.

Typically this info includes server, login info, and creating odbc for osbc data sources, and file, format, creating odbc version for file-based data sources.

Also select the schema from creating odbc you want to import the metadata. Action Enter the user name and password within double quotation marks. The oxbc should include the creating odbc names and the data. After you test your data source and close the dialog boxes, find the File DSN where you saved it in the file system.


Enter the host name and the port number in the Host and Port creating odbc respectively. Enter the connection string in the ConnectionString field on the Oddbc a Data Source or Choose a Destination page, then continue to the next creating odbc of the wizard.

Choose a Data Source Choose a Destination.

If you want to provide your connection information creating odbc a connection string, the rest of this topic helps you get the connection string you need. Modify the file as shown: Microsoft Excel and Column Types. Solution To load data stored in an Creating odbc file into a target table, creating odbc must first use the Excel file as a source. Once connected, you can import metadata and load data.

If you know creating odbc your driver’s installed and you don’t see it in the bit applet, look in the bit applet instead. This will help you to identify the right DSN to use with applications creating odbc as Excel that are only compatible with the bit driver. The wizard parses creating odbc string and you’re ready to continue! After installation of the oddbc manager and driver, you will have to register the driver in a odbcinst.