The protective cover will not be reused. F 5 Turn on the power switch of the host machine. Page 57 Chapter 1 The removed card reader mount is no longer necessary. Do not hold down. You have done a great job.

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Dirt Sensor Control Chapter 4 4. Canon iR User Canon ir2018n 76 pages. F 11 Detach the cable retainer [1]. Symbol Description Indicates an item of a non-specific nature, possibly classified as Note, Caution, or Warning.

Chapter 3 2 Detach the RAM cover [1]. Additional Outdoor Adventure activities in the Pilanesberg:.

Canon ImageRunner Error Code Reset – Question Defense

Chapter 2 7 Affix the cassette size label [1] to the paper size indication plate [2]. F 21 Using a nipper, remove the precut portion [1] of the rear cover as shown below.

Outline Of Original Size Detection Chapter 4 The canon ir2018n size canon ir2018n identified by the combination of presence and absence of output levels of the reflection type sensors as summarized in the tables below. F 4 Remove the stay [2]. When installing the cassette heater, exercise care so that the harness is caught in other parts.


After the machine has been shut down, turn the main canon ir2018n switch on the right side of the main unit OFF and ON again. Page Chapter 15 Use it to specify whether B4 paper Scan should be counted as large-size paper.

Chapter 4 The original size is identified by the combination of presence and absence of output levels of the canon ir2018n type canon ir2018n as summarized in the tables below. Page Contents Contents 5.


TP screw 2 pcs. Indicates an item requiring care to avoid electric shocks.

Canon ir2018n Chapter 17 Service Tools Table Of Contents Contents 4. My Canon IR shows error E By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Indicates an item prohibiting disassembly canon ir2018n avoid electric shocks or problems. T Fixing mode Paper type Target initial fixing Initial number of sheets F Reader heater 2 pcs. It may cause explosion.

Canon iR2030 Series Service Manual

Page Chapter 2 2. Reader unit Image processor PCB Specifications, Control Mechanisms And Functions Don’t canon ir2018n the notch [4] and the notch [5] for screw stop. F Canon ir2018n the gears in the main drive unit are not secured, gears will fall if ir20188n main drive unit is inclined. Page 96 Chapter 2 13 Attach cankn card reader to the reader. Chapter 16 10 When connection is complete, the following screen appears. It is advised to tun off the canon ir2018n i turned off and turn on again but still not work.

F 8 Remove the roller guide unit [1].

Any of the following error codes may be indicated at time of reception because of line condition The larger the adjustment value, the narrower the left-side margin of the image becomes. Chapter 2 4 Turn the canon ir2018n [1] cnon the paper front guide counterclockwise to release it. These two voltages are generated based on the zero crossing detection signal canon ir2018n is output from the heater control circuit.