Anything more falls outside of our printing parameter and you wouldn’t see the whole line. The comparisaon you make is foolish! I hit range balls and I’m lucky to get to out of them. Really there is only one down side; the length of time the ball spent in the water. Didn’t like them all that much.

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Nick, Thanks for your question. This item is out of stock. I even hit two tee shots on two of the holes with the same results, short. Maybe he’s Canadian and plays on a. These were not my cup of tea. callaway hx hot

For fun, take a range ball onto course and compare. Moral of the story, try not to store golf balls in your trunk!

Today’s Golfer

I am curious as to how you arrived at this The HX Tour is real manageable with a great feel and good spin, especially stopping power, on the greens, but again, they get trashed easily. However, they don’t stick or spin on the greens worth a damn.


The IDAlign service is centered in accordance callaway hx hot the logo of the manufacturer, in many cases the balls we print on are seamless. Write a Review Rate This Product: I’m gonna sell these balls to a beginner hhot of mine, and stick with callaway hx hot HX.

I will probably keep a dozen around at all time. For a 25 dollar golf ball they fit my game well.

Chris Ryan, PGA professional: Search Advanced Search callaway hx hot I played these on a few holes today and I don’t think there is a longer ball out h. Where is the value? Technical Data Swing Speed.

Michael, Where did you get the info on the yardage lost per year? Thank you for your comments, and you’re right it certainly does feel that way.

Callaway HX Hot Balls user reviews : out of 5 – 59 reviews –

Thank you for your question Eddy. Hi, thanks for your question. I was disappointed it was so cllaway the last callaway hx hot I ordered. Posted 08 September – Anything more falls outside of our printing parameter and you wouldn’t see the whole line. Sorry for rambling on so much and probably no one will care but i feel that i had to get that off of my chest.


It’s a good intermidiate level golf ball, one of my playing partner loved it.

Ever been to the driving range, and no matter what club you hit, 4 iron to wedge, they all seem to travel the same distance? Hi, Thanks for the inquiry. At first, i thought i liked them. This has been my ball of choice since Calladay 1. Range balls callaway hx hot hit hundreds if not thousands of times, run thru a cleaning machine and hit again.

This ball is NOT for everyone!