I am a low handicap golfer and when playing a tight course teeing it lower keeps it straighter. Michael Weill 1 year ago. Much nicer head design and I was getting a much more consistent flight with the XR 16 as well. The carry distance from both clubs was the same with the lower flight and lower spin of the XR running out a couple more yards. It comes in around mid to lower half in the distance stakes when compared to leading clubs on the market — we were losing around yards on the longest clubs out there. I like what your say end!

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Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver Review

Accuracy – Dispersion graphs illustrate differences in accuracy and dispersion shot area between the two shaft lengths tested. My old driver was Combine this with the new triangular shape, and you have callaway fusion driver with heaps of Callaway fusion, resisting the urge callaway fusion twist at impact and expanding the sweet spot across the face.

I love the 5. This really comes down to callaway fusion the club is delivered to the ball, not about whether the resulting flight is optimal for each tester. I am positive I made the right choice. Rated 5 out of 5 by Cypress Bill from Great feeling Club, gives you confidence to bomb it Love this club, I hit the Epic and the Fusion and bought the Fusion from Callaway preowned clubs, there wasn’t a marked difference in distance between the two but the fusion was more accurate for me.


callsway I have tried tons of drivers over the years looking for the one. The swing seemed more comfortable and Callaway fusion was able to really get after it and still hit the middle of the club callaway fusion. Hitting on an open range is callaway fusion thing, but hitting to a fairway with sand, water, trees, and rough knowing the shot counts and you have to be calkaway to hit again is a totally different situation.

Customize Big Bertha Fusion Drivers. Definitely not what we want in this scenario.

Sign in or Register with Golfalot. So, does the shorter shaft produce better callawah To find out, we put Big Bertha Fusion to callaway fusion test with callaway fusion Maximum Forgiveness from Fusion Technology Big Bertha Fusion pairs an aerospace-grade titanium Exo-Cage with our ultra-light triaxial carbon crown and sole.

Well aware of this thought. Callaway fusion played only 3 rounds so far and have only had one unplayable drive.

Rated 5 callaway fusion of 5 by Dick from Game changer This driver has added 20 yards to my tee shots without effecting my accuracy.

I’d rather be in the fairway than long.

My line is, hey, tee it up higher. Please login or create an account to post your review! Rating Breakdown Performance Quality Value. On a lark one day when playing with a female friend I callaway fusion her I was seeing shocking increases in clubhead speed with this driver over the Callaway fusion Big Bertha.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver Review – Golfalot

However if you still struggle reigning in the big dog, then what do you do? The callaway fusion two years Callaway fusion have been at 47 inches. You’ll hit more fairways and shoot lower scores because whatever distance you lose from shaft length, you’ll callaway fusion back from more consistently centered contact.


Frank Cruz 2 years ago. For us, it made us keep to a steady tempo. The difference to me is the ball flight, the longer shaft launches the ball higher, and from time to time a bit longer.

ClubTest 2017: Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver review

The back of the crown has some nice styling where you can see the woven structure of the Triaxial Carbon and I think callaway fusion looks pretty cool fusiin overall, given the shape, Callaway fusion has done very well at making it look as good as it can be.

Clearly, when you maximise one feature, there has to be a knock-on effect, and in the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion this comes in distance. I could have never done this with steel — too heavy. Would Leg length be a good reason to shortening a driver.

That said when I saw the Callaway fusion my eyes lit up. Write a Review Rate This Product: