Updated versions of Wacom’s consumer pen tablets get rebranded and redesigned. Each is sold with a compatible digital pen. Some models include a puck mouse based on the same technology. Bamboo Fun Wacom Technology In technology circles, hitting the quarter-century mark makes you positively ancient. October Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Each is sold with a compatible digital pen. Wacom offers additional products which it marketed in various parts of the world. Do you already have an account?

Graphire Support | Wacom

This information is analyzed by the computer to determine the pen’s position, by interpolation and Fourier analysis of the signal intensity. Dec 20, 6. Black Morty RackhamDec 21, Audio peripherials Speakers Microphones Speakerphones Headsets. Dec 21, The pen technology, like the 21UX, was identical to the Intuos4 in resolution per inch and sensitivity.

I’ve just started using Photoshop and Painter to do some digital design as a hobby and I’m looking to buy a graphics tablet.

Dec 25, Just save up for an Intuos3 A5 Wide. The Penmaster had an early precursor to Samsung’s S Pen, known today for its inclusion in the Galaxy Note line of phones.


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There are two variants of the MobileStudio Pro, a inch model and a inch model. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. No need a batteries. Archived from the original on November 29, Wa for graphie, “circle” or “Japan” and Komu for “computer”.

Enables users to even write in their handwriting. However, the Intuos4 lacked touch-based input, instead requiring a stylus or a compatible mouse. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

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Intel Architecture Day. View topic – Wacom Tablets”.

The driver package included a control panel which allowed extensive customization of the tablet and pen. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

It’s the best tablet I’ve ever used, by a wide margin. Both tablets are slated to ship this month.

Retrieved from ” https: The Fun comes with the typical Wacom bundle of imaging apps: St3ViLDec 20, At CES Asia Shanghai, Wacom unveiled its first retractable ballpoint pen for EMR technology; in this pen the coil surrounds the cartridge enabling refill manufacturers to provide Wacom compatible refills in the future.


Wacom is a Japanese portmanteau: Focus on what features each tablet has and get the cheapest one – just in case you won’t use it that much.

Additionally, a thin sheet of glass or acetate can be placed over the drawing surface to avert surface or nib damage in the same way as screen protectors are used on phones, although in the case of glass this may induce a—usually modest— parallax error when tracing.

In addition to manufacturing and selling tablets, Wacom also provides graphical input technology for some tablet computerswhich it calls “Penabled Technology”. Wacom headquarters in Kazo, Saitama, Japan. The tablet graohire this and other relevant tool information in packets, up to times per second, to the computer.