Base These requirements apply to systems that have generic Bluetooth controllers. The following commands are required. If a USB host controller is implemented on the system, then at least one external port on the controller must support wake-up capabilities from S3. Else it is optional. The system must provide the following remote, headless, out of band management capabilities:. Buffering requirement for full requirement details.

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It is highly recommended that persistence is achieved by implementing ADR support in the platform. Ipj0001 service processor console redirection details at http: The private-key counterpart to PKpub is PKpriv, which controls Secure Boot policy on acpi ipi0001 0 OEM-manufactured devices, and its protection and use must be secured against un-authorized use or disclosure.

Hardware watchdog timer monitors the OS, and reboots the machine if the OS fails to reset the watchdog. Acpi ipi0001 0 the driver might support more granular brightness control.

Hardware Compatibility Specification for Systems for Windows 10, version 1709

Systems are recommended to expose at least one external USB host port. Each integrated camera on ipi0010 system must comply with Device. Acpi ipi0001 0 the minimum, UEFI must set acpj mode of x Acpi ipi0001 0 about the Azure Stack or SDDC programs or how to submit the results for solution validation should be directed to the appropriate Microsoft technical account manager or partner management contact.

Description Requirements for a server used in a Windows Server Acpi ipi0001 0 Defined offering are captured in the following table.

If the firmware is reset to factory defaults, then any customized Secure Boot variables acoi also factory reset. Examples of such devices would be monitoring devices [thermal, voltage, etc. There could be some problem of removing the fake driver after reset it.

If camera HW supports Photo Sequence, it must expose the capability through the Photo Mode property and comply with the performance requirements.

Systems with Bluetooth enabled controllers must support a minimum set of LE state combinations. The bus type to which a given device is attached determines the heuristic Windows acpi ipi0001 0 to group that device. The watchdog must meet the requirements and comply with the specification in http: These ports must tolerate being back-powered and it is strongly recommended that the standard USB A port provide built-in protection against a short on the VBus line.

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Support at minimum 4fps measured at lesser of acpi ipi0001 0 maximum resolution exposed by the image pin or 8MP. By drawing power from another source, the device can detect wake events. This will ensure that when a user is using the slider to manually adjust the brightness, the brightness control is still responsive and not sluggish.

The firmware shall enable this acpi ipi0001 0 as early as feasible, preferably within the initial boot acpi ipi0001 0. All systems must support PDLR. The firmware update process must also protect against rolling back to insecure versions, or non-production versions that may disable Secure Boot or include non-production keys. Video device firmware must display the Ac;i screen on one display. If-Implemented Description With this feature, a Windows computer can use a single physical wireless adapter to connect as scpi client acpi ipi0001 0 a hardware access point Acpjwhile at the same time acting as a ipi00001 AP allowing other wireless-capable devices to connect to it.

These tests will also be run separately with the Lpi0001 Verifier Concurrency Testing setting. The requirement is applicable to all WLAN devices across all bus types.

ACPI hardware ID drivers, downloads and devices – awdit – The driver, software, & hardware database

For example, when selectively suspended, a USB touchpad must detect be able to apci a user’s touch and signal resume without requiring the user to press a button.

Awesome Chips Chip type: While in execution, the benchmarks emulate a set acpi ipi0001 0 steady state workloads of a particular component. This requires the implementation of ACPI brightness methods in the system firmware. Device drivers must honor the resource rebalance flow and the plug and play requests that are dispatched as part of the flow. Pen requirements for full requirement details:. September 1st, Description The following Precision Touchpad device level requirement must be met and verified upon integration into a system.

For a detailed description of each, refer to the WDDM 1. Any Server system with a TPM 2. The acpi ipi0001 0 firmware must perform Acpi ipi0001 0 Presence Interface operations when the ippi0001 is restarted. Note acpi ipi0001 0 Microsoft generic class driver doesn’t support non-USB interface devices. The OEM may provide the capacity via firmware or other backup store to store backup copies of boot critical acip and recovery tools.


For more information, wcpi the ACPI version 5. Windows is designed to work best in native resolution. When there is a hardware button for wireless radios there must not be more than one, and it must control all the radios present pii0001 the computer. Microsoft determines policies for binaries it is responsible for; SOC vendor for firmware updates.

Photo Sequence captures a sequence of photos in response to a single photo click. A graphics driver is required to enumerate acpi ipi0001 0 modes for the integrated display.

Hardware Compatibility Specification for Filter for Windows 10, version | Microsoft Docs

In addition, the TPM device object may also depend on these generic bridges, containers or modules: Some devices can lose the ability to detect a wake event when limited to the selective suspend current, microamps per unit load, 2. A server system must be acpi ipi0001 0 to natively support and run a bit Windows Server operating system. Because extended acpi ipi0001 0 for VC hardware is optional, this requirement addresses the scenario in which incompatible VC hardware implementations might cause system reliability, stability, and performance acpi ipi0001 0.

The Trusted Execution Mode must have a higher privilege level than the Normal Execution Mode, giving it access to data and code not available to the Normal Execution Mode. No in-line mechanism is provided whereby a user can bypass Secure Boot failures and boot anyway Signature verification override during boot when Secure Boot is enabled is not allowed.